dsc0184-1024x680Our flavour of retreat

Our Retreats are lovingly created for your highest will and intention. Each retreat is specifically designed for you. Although the typical day and program remain the same, we slightly adjust and alter your individual schedule for your specific needs. This will be from diet to fitness to spiritual growth. As we know not one size fits all and we embrace your uniqueness to enhance your individuality in order for you to flourish


Upon arrival you have a wellness and ayuervedic consultation to really establish what you require for your diet and activities. Coupled with this you will also have an Aura reading so we can establish spiritually what you require to go forward on your path and purpose, living in connection with your higher self, having your highest will and intention at heart.

Our days at Can Libelula begin in silence as we wake up with a new dawn and new beginnings to contemplate the day ahead. Enjoy the silence, listen to the birds sing and allow nature to play its beautiful symphony each morning. We then create a scared space for mediation followed by yoga. You will then break your fast with a beautifully prepared delicious organic vegan brunch, which will be tailored to your specific dietary requirements. The afternoons are spent either relaxing by the pool or relishing in the specialized therapies we have prepared for you. Evenings at Can Libelula will be savored by the final yoga class of the day followed by another culinary delight. We then enjoy either a grounding walk at dusk or perhaps a little trip to Ibiza Town, we also include movie nights too where we can get cozy in our snug and watch an inspiring film or documentary.

We can’t wait to welcome you with loving open arms to Can Libelula in order to hold you on your journey to becoming the very best version of you.

Our retreats are run as a ‘friends project’. All the therapists and teachers are great friends and live on the island responsibly and with respect. They love what they do and wish to share with you the beauty that the island gives.

The products used on the retreats are organic and locally-sourced, supporting the farming community and working with open hearted people only! Please note we do not allow alcohol on the retreat.

 Our Manifesto

  • We intend to have everyone’s highest will and intention at heart.
  • To support others on their journey, whatever they may be going through.
  • To always hold integrity in our hearts.
  • To ensure that confidentiality is respected at all times.