Devi Retreat ~ IBIZA SPAIN ~ 18-21 July


she who is self-shining, she who sustains the universe and all beings. Devi is you, is I, and is all: one gold, many ornaments. One being, many forms, names and functions.






Devi Retreat ~ IBIZA SPAIN ~ 18-21 July

The way of the sacred feminine



We invite you to come join us, together in the spirit of the sacred feminine, where we will get to know and honor her in all her infinite expressions.

For centuries women have come together in sacred circle to share stories, pray, dream together and support one another. We invoke mutual honour and deepest reverence to create a sacred symbiosis with ourselves, with each other as women and with Devi.  




S a c r e d  O f f e r i n g s  

Ancient teachings of the Devi ~ Puja & Sacred Rituals ~ Women’s Circles ~  Yin/ Yang Yoga Therapy for Women ~ The Art of Sacred Touch using the Ancient Chinese Taoist practices of Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang, including Belly, Womb, Ovaries and Yoni Massage techniques for Self Care ~ Wisdom of the Womb & practices of Feminine Sensual Embodiment ~ Yogic techniques for the sanctification of the body and mind ~ Sacred sensuality & self expression through sound and movement ~ Jewels from Vedic tradition that honour the Sacred Feminine ~ Tools for Emotional and Spiritual Growth and Healing ~  Nourishing Treats & Elixirs.


Sharada who is deeply rooted in the Vedic Tradition will share devotional practices and teachings that honors, praises, worships and reveals the essential nature of ourselves that is absolute fullness here and now. Sharada will guide through ceremonial sacred women’s circles that are filled with prayers, mantras and rituals where we will discover the healing shakti – power of Devi.


In the Vedic Vision there is not one goddess or many goddesses, there is only goddess. Everything is sacred. Everything is a manifestation of the sacred feminine.

She is from whom all comes, exists and goes back to.

Bhumi Devi, the great compassionate mother earth.

She is nourishment and infinite patience.


There is a rich aroma of Indian Vedantic Teachings in Lao-Tze.  Lao-Tze taught that the Tao is the sanctuary where all things find refuge, and believed that females are the Mothers of all things and all human beings. In accordance with Tao, which generates everything, females are those that produce all things. Without females or mothers, there is nothing else in the world.

“The Valley Spirit never dies

It is named the Mysterious Female.

And the doorway of the Mysterious Female

Is the base from which Heaven and Earth sprang.

It is there within us all the while.

Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.”

Tao Te Ching, Chapter VI

Kay specializes in embodiment practices specifically designed to nourish our feminine temples from the inside.  She will guides us through Yin / Yang therapeutic yoga practices informed by the 5-Element Meridian wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine, where we will attune with the elemental rhythms, cycles, and seasons of nature and within our beings. She will also share techniques using the sacred art of touch, and self care using the ancient Taoist healing techniques of Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang, that honour and nurture centres  our centres of awakening consciousness in our bodies.

Together, Sharada and Kay guide us through practices and teachings of the these ancient eastern traditions to come home to ourselves and our essence. To bring us jewels of insight will nourish, bless and enrich every woman’s womb-heart profoundly.


‘The body is a portal of awakening of everything we cherish’


rebeccabioOur dear sister Rebecca, founder of Pure Love Retreats will be hosting our immersion at her stunning villa.

Rebecca’s origin is the rolling hills of the English countryside, however she now calls Ibiza and Bali home. Her vision is to create
a conscious global collective inspiring minds and opening hearts through various styles of yoga and meditation . Her core practice is that of an inward journey through holding space for others in the style of heart opening yoga and mediation, along with teaching about the mind body and spirit.

Founder of Pure Love Retreats, created for your highest will and intention.
Each retreat is specifically designed for you. Although the typical day and program remain the same, we slightly adjust and alter your individual schedule for your specific needs. This will be from diet to fitness to spiritual growth. As we know not one size fits all and we embrace your uniqueness to enhance your individuality in order for you to flourish.

CanTerra is our Earth Home nestled in the enchanted forest of Sant Mateo. This area of Ibiza is believed to be the most magnetic part of the Mediterranean, attracting people who are destined to meet each other. Just around the corner from Can Terra, you will find breathtaking secret beaches with crystal clear water and white dreamy sand. The lost city of Atlantis and the sacred sight of Es Vedra lay just beyond our doorstep.

Whats App: 0034 698 53 49 45


Location & Exchange: Sant Mateo
Accommodation: 3 nights, 4 days

Price: 888€


~ Om Devyai Namaha ~

“My reverential salutation unto goddess, she who is self shining”


For more information on our gorgeous retreat location, check out

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Do You Feel Complete?



It’s taken me a good 6 years but I finally feel complete.  I remember when I was living and working in the UK, running around chasing my tail, working hard all week, drinking and doing drugs at the weekend

to block out the fact that I wasn’t happy.  On paper my life was great, I was a diamond dealer, had a BMW, house in the country, a horse, a fiancé that loved me.  But I was miserable inside, so I’d drink and take drugs to fill the gapping hole inside of me.
After years of working on myself I finally feel like I have understanding of my inner self and true voice and my soul finally feels whole.  If you look at your life like it is a trivial pursuit pie and all the cheeses are different aspects of your life, friends, partner’s, exercising etc.  It important to have these in balance otherwise we can feel discombobulated.  It is an on going practice to keep these things in check we are constantly working on ourselves. Allow Pure Love Retreats to give you the tools you need to feel balanced and connect with your soul’s to find your own path and purpose.
I am now in a much better place and truly love everything I do.  Guiding people to a place where they can find their path and really connect with their inner voice and soul.  There will always be days that are a bit difficult but with the tools I have learnt and want to share with you these days become easier and at times blessings. Most mornings I wake up with a happy feeling in my tummy and a huge sense of gratitude for the journey I have been on.  I can truly relate to anyone feeling as I did and my purpose is to help you on your journey.  All my retreats have this focus but a slightly different flavour.
Pure Body is all about reconnecting with your path and purpose, through the body and physical activities along with mediation and life coaching you will leave feeling complete, lighter, calmer and clearer.  With the tools to go home and live the life of your dreams, the life you deserve.
adminDo You Feel Complete?

Top Tips to Kick Start Your Day

Front image_drinking-water

Top 5 Tips to kick start your day

1. DRINK 1.5 litres of water as soon as you wake up.  While we are asleep our bodies use 3 litres of water, therefore we need to replace this to combat dehydration. This will also kick start the detoxification process, flushing out any remaining toxins and helping you feel refreshed and full of energy ready to start the day.

2. Drink hot water with lemon, this aid’s in alkalizing the body along with aiding in digestion and stimulating the digestive enzymes, that stimulates the detoxification of the liver, the most important detoxification organ.  Along with a shot of Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and helps in the detox process by nutralising free radicals.

3. Move around, get up get up and get down JUMP!!!!!

Get out of bed and do 50 star jumps this will kick start the lymphatic system to really get things moving. The Lymphatic system is important in the detoxification process as the lymphatic vessels move clear liquid called lymph around the body which is essentially a recycled blood plasma, which plays an important part in removing toxins from the body.  As the lymphatic system isn’t pumped by a muscle it is stimulated by us moving, therefore moving around will really help to kick start this process.

4. Light some incense, this completely sets the mood for your day, allowing you to be calm. The smell of the incense has the ability to really bring you back to YOU, to a place of calm where you can go about your day in a calm collected manner and not feel overwhelmed by the day the ahead, instead you will float into the day ahead with calm attitude.

5. Play some music, put on some mediation music, this again has the ability to really calm the mind and help you to put things in order and be able to prioritise.  If you prefer something a little more energetic to get you going this can also help to prepare you for your day.  Set the tone for the day you want with the music you listen to, you must be the right mood for the results you want.  If you listen to toxic music you will feel toxic.  If you listen to calming or energising music that will be result of how you feel.


adminTop Tips to Kick Start Your Day

Top 5 Tips to Eliminate Mind Fog

1.  Exercise is the best way to get energy or chi flowing through the body.  Helping remove blockages to get clarity, even just a brisk walk will do the trick.

2.  Yoga, the word yoga means for the body, mind, and soul to be in balance.  When we practice yoga we feel calmer and more connected. Just to do a few sun salutations in the morning, this will assist in helping you to feel more connected to your body.

3.  Meditating, spend 5 minuets just relaxing and detaching from thought after you have given yourself 5 minutes, you will feel calmer and more able to tackle the day ahead in a calm manner, in which you no longer feel overwhelmed

4.  Writing a list, just getting things down on paper makes things seem a lot more manageable, you can then prioritise and make positive steps to move forward.

5.  Fast, our bodies use 80% of our energy digesting food when we switch this system off we can get a lot of clarity, as the blood supply is going to our brain instead of trying to digest everything we have put in there. Fasting however isn’t for everybody, so if that is the case for you, then eating clean healthy food that is easy for the body to digest will do the trick too, along with practicing food combining.

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Happy Easter

Here are my Top 5 reasons why Chocolate is good for you

·     It’s an energy booster

·      It’s stimulates serotonin in the brain, the happy hormone

·      It’s an aphrodisiac

·      It’s has toxin blasting qualities

·      It’s a SUPER FOOD

Swap your Easter Egg for some RAW CHOCOLATE

Raw chocolate is fun to make, as you don’t need to follow any real recipe, you really can’t go wrong.


To begin with, slowly melt some cacao butter, this is the base so depending on how much you want, gauge this with the quantity of cacao butter you need.

Once this has melted take it off the gentle heat and stir in equal quantities of raw cacao, raw carob and mesquite to taste.

If you like, you can add raisins or nuts.  If you want to make a flapjack just whiz up some walnuts, dates, raisins and cacao nibs.

If you want a quick chocolate fix take a pinch of nibs with a pinch of raisins, it’s better than a fruit and nut bar.


adminHappy Easter


As much as I enjoyed my Indonesian adventure, it really is good to be back!

I’m super excited about this summer in Ibiza, I love that the island’s drums are starting to beat again, I can feel the faint beat in my heart drawing me back home.

Ibiza attracts the world most beautiful people inside and out, with that comes a certain commitment to health.  What does health mean to us?  The dictionarty definition is simply “to be without disease”. Health to me means so much more, to be glowing, fit, full of energy, pulsating with radiance.


I believe diet is a major factor in becoming healthy.  Diet can not only prevent disease but reverse it too.  Imagine, as you get older you look younger!!!

I am now 34 and people are constantly telling me that I look no older than 26/28 max.  My diet is 90% Vegan and I exercise regularly, spend quality time with myself, breathe and meditate.

I have recently discovered Irish Moss.  Irish Moss has amazing digestive qualities.

The first thing to know about Irish moss is that it isn’t moss at all – it’s seaweed.  Exceptionally rich in nutrients and antioxidants, Irish moss is quickly gaining a reputation as the next big superfood, in line behind kale, blueberries and fish rich in omega-3s.

My next top tip is fasting.  Fasting actually gives the digestive system a break and supports the immune system making you stronger to fight off disease.  The main things to remember about fasting are to be in a relaxed environment and to be surrounded by as much nature as possible.  The benefits of fasting are pretty endless.

The digestive system uses 70% of our energy so when this no longer has to process all the chemicals we put into our body there is a greater blood supply going to the brain.  Particularly if we have an intolerance, as the body uses a lot of blood and energy to digest these matters and when it no longer has to do this, there is more energy available

Not only do we begin to loose weight, as the body is able to use fat stores as oppose to all the processed sugar we usually in take.
Our skin becomes clearer and we have boundless amounts of energy.

There is a direct link to the front part of our brain’s and our colon so when our colon is clear so is our head, bloating is reduced, food intolerances are easy to distinguish.

It becomes very easy to distinguish what foods you make be intolerant too, as by eating food on an empty stomach you can see clearly the effects on yourself with digestion cramps, bloating, constipation, diarrhea etc.  It is important to allow the food we eat time to pass through the stomach so that we can see the effects.  This is also linked to food combining.

Food Combining

The time food takes to pass through the stomach is as follows.
Liquids 15 mins
Fruit 15-40 mins
Leafy Greens/Vegetables 30 mins
Starchy Vegetables 50mins
Complex carbohydrates 90mins
Animal Proteins 30 – 45mins

NOTE Complex Carbs and Animal Proteins can’t not digest together.


New Day, New Week, New Year


Hey there

So it’s a New week, here in Bali it’s a New Year and i’m here to guide you to a new happier, healthier version of YOU.

I’m still in Bali and integrating back into normal life after 7 days fasting. It has also been Balinese New Year Nypei, a day of fasting and meditation the day before this Ogoh Ogoh, a day when everything you no longer want in your life is burnt in a ceremony.  Then on Nypei you fast and mediate on what it is you truly desire.  It is a powerful experience and I have been so blessed to be a part of it here in Ubud.

I am feeling cleansed, clear, focused and ready for an amazing summer.  Bali is very similar to Ibiza in many ways, they are both Scorpio islands and they both are like a vortex for aligning people who are meant to meet.  Drawing you to where you are supposed to be.  There is no doubt this place has spiritual powers.

When you are in a place like this where the energies are so strong, at times feelings of anxiety can occur. Here are my top 5 tips to deal with anxiety.

1.  Be the observer of your thoughts.  Imagine that you are sat in the most comfortable theatre seat, watching your thoughts on a cinema screen not attaching to them. Practicing the art of mindfulness.

2.  Write down all the things you are grateful for, this has the ability to shift you imediatley into a place of gratitude shifting the feelings of anxiety.

3.  Imagine you are in a happy place remember a good feeling. Quantum physics teaches us that the mind knows no difference to what is happening and what we perceive to be happening in our minds.  This will relax you immediately.

4.  Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your feelings and let them pass without attaching to them.

5.  Change the situation run a bath, paint your nails, call a friend or watch a funny movie again this will switch your feelings.


adminNew Day, New Week, New Year

Pure Love Retreat 2015

Hey There,

Bright welcoming days of spring are nearly upon us.  As we say goodbye to the dark winter nights join us to celebrate the change of season.

With new seasons come new ideas and inspiration.  The past few months I have been travelling around Asia and Mexico, and i’ve used this time for reflection. It became apparent that I needed to make the decision to change the name of Access Retreats.  I realised that I wanted to show people that the service I provide comes from the heart, filled with love. It made sense to create a name that fits and so ‘Pure Love Retreats’ is born, I hope you like it!

So a new year, a new name, what else is new?

While on my travels I was lucky enough to meet some amazing therapists, these people are travelling around Europe this summer and I am very happy to announce they will be coming to work with us.  I have learnt a lot on my travels, I have realised that no matter how healthy you think you are, there is always room for improvement.  It’s amazing how small changes can make a dramatic improvement to the body and mind.  I found new methods of detoxing and purifying, which will feature heavily throughout our retreats.  I have picked up many tips and ideas, which I would like to share with you all; from cleansing to working out what food your body really needs. So come join us, and allow us to nurture you, with loving kindness and pure love.

adminPure Love Retreat 2015

Welcome to Pure Love Retreats

 Next Retreat: Primavera Wellness Weekender 24th April – 27th April 2015

If you are visiting these pages you are no doubt ready for taking yourself on a retreat! We would be honoured to have you come stay with us.  All of our special retreats have been put together for you, from the heart.

If time could stand still and the world could stop spinning…and you could hear your own breath…you could see the wood from the trees! A retreat is a space for you to unwind and recharge the batteries at your own pace. It is also a time to refresh the spirit and to improve and transform yourself.

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This year Pure Love Retreats are proud to launch our new retreats The Weekend Cleanse and 7 Day Cleanse, along with a spa in your villa experience, Spa To You, offering our extensive Island knowledge and run by Island hosts Faye Reason and Rebecca Simpkin. With Faye and Rebecca you will have the support you need to be able to let go and get back to your real self.







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