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Proudly presenting our retreat professionals and friends:

We could talk all day about our friends, who we think are just brilliant, but it is better and more exciting for you to meet them yourself. You’ll have them as new friends by the end of your stay guaranteed!! We look forward to introducing you and watching your transformation as you make yourself at home with us.


Becky is the founder of Pure Love Retreats. She has been on a soul journey for the past 6 years and each member of the team has contributed to her journey. She loves to bring people together to share in the delights of Ibiza, her one dream is to make her mum proud and do work from the heart. . She lives in Ibiza with Matt founder of Access Ibiza and her two great danes, Princess and Hercules, who were Pacha puppies! Becky loves entertaining, hiking, horse-riding, magic and romance. She has an infectious positive energy and likes nothing better than to create a home from home environment where everyone can relax and feel better!


Irina is rare diamond who just emmanates love to all who are lucky enough to be in her company. She is an amazing healing channeller and transforms into a graceful and knowing Goddess with her aura readings, which have blown people away here in Ibiza.

She is one of the islands most talented dancers and teaches reconnection with spirit through all her dancing practices. Her teachings are soft yet strong. She loves ‘contact improvisation’, a dance that liberates the heart and soul and which she has committed much of her life to practicing. She is a patient, wise and beautiful teacher.


Ayda is an inspirational yogi and has received outstanding reviews from her clients. She is committed to helping her yogis technically with their postures, which is about being conscious and going into each asana with an open heart. Her yoga practice is full of grace. She works on mind, body and soul, allowing the energy to flow freely. Ayda’s yoga is inspired by hatha, ashtanga and tantric yoga, as well as regular trips to Asia.


Ruth lights up Ibiza with her big heart and big smile and is dedicated to her energy and massage work here on the island. She knows the body really well and can help to move you into a place of being that feels more aligned with your body template. Ruth puts you at ease immediately and makes you feel wrapped up in a blanket of positivity!



Victoria is inspired deeply by passion, love, giving and sharing. Victoria is a beauty therapist on the island of Ibiza, with years of knowledge and experience and a love to make all things magical. Putting her heart and soul into every treatment means that you don’t just receive a normal standard treatment you get an experience that you will always come away from feeling wonderful. Here to make your precious ibiza moments unforgettable your treatment is all about you.




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