Do You Feel Complete?



It’s taken me a good 6 years but I finally feel complete.  I remember when I was living and working in the UK, running around chasing my tail, working hard all week, drinking and doing drugs at the weekend

to block out the fact that I wasn’t happy.  On paper my life was great, I was a diamond dealer, had a BMW, house in the country, a horse, a fiancé that loved me.  But I was miserable inside, so I’d drink and take drugs to fill the gapping hole inside of me.
After years of working on myself I finally feel like I have understanding of my inner self and true voice and my soul finally feels whole.  If you look at your life like it is a trivial pursuit pie and all the cheeses are different aspects of your life, friends, partner’s, exercising etc.  It important to have these in balance otherwise we can feel discombobulated.  It is an on going practice to keep these things in check we are constantly working on ourselves. Allow Pure Love Retreats to give you the tools you need to feel balanced and connect with your soul’s to find your own path and purpose.
I am now in a much better place and truly love everything I do.  Guiding people to a place where they can find their path and really connect with their inner voice and soul.  There will always be days that are a bit difficult but with the tools I have learnt and want to share with you these days become easier and at times blessings. Most mornings I wake up with a happy feeling in my tummy and a huge sense of gratitude for the journey I have been on.  I can truly relate to anyone feeling as I did and my purpose is to help you on your journey.  All my retreats have this focus but a slightly different flavour.
Pure Body is all about reconnecting with your path and purpose, through the body and physical activities along with mediation and life coaching you will leave feeling complete, lighter, calmer and clearer.  With the tools to go home and live the life of your dreams, the life you deserve.
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