As much as I enjoyed my Indonesian adventure, it really is good to be back!

I’m super excited about this summer in Ibiza, I love that the island’s drums are starting to beat again, I can feel the faint beat in my heart drawing me back home.

Ibiza attracts the world most beautiful people inside and out, with that comes a certain commitment to health.  What does health mean to us?  The dictionarty definition is simply “to be without disease”. Health to me means so much more, to be glowing, fit, full of energy, pulsating with radiance.


I believe diet is a major factor in becoming healthy.  Diet can not only prevent disease but reverse it too.  Imagine, as you get older you look younger!!!

I am now 34 and people are constantly telling me that I look no older than 26/28 max.  My diet is 90% Vegan and I exercise regularly, spend quality time with myself, breathe and meditate.

I have recently discovered Irish Moss.  Irish Moss has amazing digestive qualities.

The first thing to know about Irish moss is that it isn’t moss at all – it’s seaweed.  Exceptionally rich in nutrients and antioxidants, Irish moss is quickly gaining a reputation as the next big superfood, in line behind kale, blueberries and fish rich in omega-3s.

My next top tip is fasting.  Fasting actually gives the digestive system a break and supports the immune system making you stronger to fight off disease.  The main things to remember about fasting are to be in a relaxed environment and to be surrounded by as much nature as possible.  The benefits of fasting are pretty endless.

The digestive system uses 70% of our energy so when this no longer has to process all the chemicals we put into our body there is a greater blood supply going to the brain.  Particularly if we have an intolerance, as the body uses a lot of blood and energy to digest these matters and when it no longer has to do this, there is more energy available

Not only do we begin to loose weight, as the body is able to use fat stores as oppose to all the processed sugar we usually in take.
Our skin becomes clearer and we have boundless amounts of energy.

There is a direct link to the front part of our brain’s and our colon so when our colon is clear so is our head, bloating is reduced, food intolerances are easy to distinguish.

It becomes very easy to distinguish what foods you make be intolerant too, as by eating food on an empty stomach you can see clearly the effects on yourself with digestion cramps, bloating, constipation, diarrhea etc.  It is important to allow the food we eat time to pass through the stomach so that we can see the effects.  This is also linked to food combining.

Food Combining

The time food takes to pass through the stomach is as follows.
Liquids 15 mins
Fruit 15-40 mins
Leafy Greens/Vegetables 30 mins
Starchy Vegetables 50mins
Complex carbohydrates 90mins
Animal Proteins 30 – 45mins

NOTE Complex Carbs and Animal Proteins can’t not digest together.


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