New Day, New Week, New Year


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So it’s a New week, here in Bali it’s a New Year and i’m here to guide you to a new happier, healthier version of YOU.

I’m still in Bali and integrating back into normal life after 7 days fasting. It has also been Balinese New Year Nypei, a day of fasting and meditation the day before this Ogoh Ogoh, a day when everything you no longer want in your life is burnt in a ceremony.  Then on Nypei you fast and mediate on what it is you truly desire.  It is a powerful experience and I have been so blessed to be a part of it here in Ubud.

I am feeling cleansed, clear, focused and ready for an amazing summer.  Bali is very similar to Ibiza in many ways, they are both Scorpio islands and they both are like a vortex for aligning people who are meant to meet.  Drawing you to where you are supposed to be.  There is no doubt this place has spiritual powers.

When you are in a place like this where the energies are so strong, at times feelings of anxiety can occur. Here are my top 5 tips to deal with anxiety.

1.  Be the observer of your thoughts.  Imagine that you are sat in the most comfortable theatre seat, watching your thoughts on a cinema screen not attaching to them. Practicing the art of mindfulness.

2.  Write down all the things you are grateful for, this has the ability to shift you imediatley into a place of gratitude shifting the feelings of anxiety.

3.  Imagine you are in a happy place remember a good feeling. Quantum physics teaches us that the mind knows no difference to what is happening and what we perceive to be happening in our minds.  This will relax you immediately.

4.  Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your feelings and let them pass without attaching to them.

5.  Change the situation run a bath, paint your nails, call a friend or watch a funny movie again this will switch your feelings.


adminNew Day, New Week, New Year

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