Pure Love Retreat 2015

Hey There,

Bright welcoming days of spring are nearly upon us.  As we say goodbye to the dark winter nights join us to celebrate the change of season.

With new seasons come new ideas and inspiration.  The past few months I have been travelling around Asia and Mexico, and i’ve used this time for reflection. It became apparent that I needed to make the decision to change the name of Access Retreats.  I realised that I wanted to show people that the service I provide comes from the heart, filled with love. It made sense to create a name that fits and so ‘Pure Love Retreats’ is born, I hope you like it!

So a new year, a new name, what else is new?

While on my travels I was lucky enough to meet some amazing therapists, these people are travelling around Europe this summer and I am very happy to announce they will be coming to work with us.  I have learnt a lot on my travels, I have realised that no matter how healthy you think you are, there is always room for improvement.  It’s amazing how small changes can make a dramatic improvement to the body and mind.  I found new methods of detoxing and purifying, which will feature heavily throughout our retreats.  I have picked up many tips and ideas, which I would like to share with you all; from cleansing to working out what food your body really needs. So come join us, and allow us to nurture you, with loving kindness and pure love.

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