Top 5 Tips to Eliminate Mind Fog

1.  Exercise is the best way to get energy or chi flowing through the body.  Helping remove blockages to get clarity, even just a brisk walk will do the trick.

2.  Yoga, the word yoga means for the body, mind, and soul to be in balance.  When we practice yoga we feel calmer and more connected. Just to do a few sun salutations in the morning, this will assist in helping you to feel more connected to your body.

3.  Meditating, spend 5 minuets just relaxing and detaching from thought after you have given yourself 5 minutes, you will feel calmer and more able to tackle the day ahead in a calm manner, in which you no longer feel overwhelmed

4.  Writing a list, just getting things down on paper makes things seem a lot more manageable, you can then prioritise and make positive steps to move forward.

5.  Fast, our bodies use 80% of our energy digesting food when we switch this system off we can get a lot of clarity, as the blood supply is going to our brain instead of trying to digest everything we have put in there. Fasting however isn’t for everybody, so if that is the case for you, then eating clean healthy food that is easy for the body to digest will do the trick too, along with practicing food combining.

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