What is a Retreat?


A time to refresh the spirit, to improve and transform yourself

Welcome to Pure Love Retreats, if you are visiting these pages you are in no doubt ready for taking yourself on a retreat!  We would be honoured to have you come and stay with us.  All of our special retreats have been put together for you, from the heart.

Retreat:  From old French retreat (noun), retraiter (verb), from Latin retrahere’ pull back’ To move back or withdraw.  A place of refuge.  A time to meditate and reflect.

If time could stand still and the world could stop spinning…and you could hear your own breath…you could see the wood from the trees!  A retreat is a space for you to unwind and recharge the batteries at your own pace.  It is also a time to refresh the spirit and to improve and transform yourself.

This year Pure Love Retreats is proud to launch our new retreats along with a spa in your villa experience, Spa To You, offering our extensive Island knowledge and run by Island host Rebecca Simpkin, who will give you the support you need to be able to let go and get back to your real self.

adminWhat is a Retreat?